Silent Spirit


In Memory of GillianMy earthly body has gone forever,
But not my spirit! No, not ever.

Those who loved me, I am with still;
I encircle their lives with my spirit of will.

And when my loved ones weep for me,
I’m there to comfort them, tho’ they cannot see.

I walk behind you in every step you take,
My steps are silent, no noise they make.

I’ll walk with you till the end of time,
This heavenly spirit that is mine.
Photos of Gillian

In memory of Gillian. Your light was brighter than... anything we’d ever seen.

The “in memory”photo is one I took on my pilgrimage in Spain a few months before Gillian died.

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  1. Hi Caroline,

    Thank you for sharing,such tender words….Silent Spirit…”But not my spirit! No not ever….”

    I love “your light was brighter than…anything we’d ever seen”

    seeing and feeling that BRIGHT light.


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