National Poetry Day 2017


National Poetry Day 2017 is nearly here. Time to enjoy, discover and share a poem!

This year’s theme is Freedom and we have been asking you to share your poems with us. You don’t need to be a professional poet, just pick up a pen and start writing. You can find lots of handy tips and inspiration on the National Poetry Day website. Check out their Freedom Library  for an inspirational mix of classic and contemporary poetry. Or why not download their FREE eBook – a wonderful anthology of poetry. There is so much to explore on the site and some lovely free resources available.

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent us their poems so far – we are really enjoying reading them.

We will be featuring your poems on this site on National Poetry Day – Thursday 28th September as well as on the Pamis Facebook page so be sure to check back to read some truly inspirational poetry. Also, if you love a particular poem, please let us know in the comments and use the hashtags #NationalPoetryDay and #PAMIScreative.

There is still time to submit a poem and have it featured on the Voice and Visuals website. Send your poems into Maureen Phillip, by Wednesday 27th September. If you would like an image to accompany your poem, please attach this separately. We look forward to reading and sharing your poems.

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