Poem – Free me, see me, see who I am


I know what I want
But not how to say
The words won’t come out
I need a new way

Maybe I’ll write
To describe my plight
I need paper and pen
I fail, they condemn

They think I’m away
In a world of my own
But how can I say
“I’m here”, in my zone

So many demands
It’s all too confusing
But how do I tell them
It’s not my own choosing

The words just don’t come
I try hard, they don’t see
Instead they control me
I need to be free

My needs are not met
I’m drowning inside
I cry from frustration
I’m really no threat

They hold me so tight
And won’t let me go
I scream, kick and fight
How else do I show?

The pain and the fear
It’s a daily thing here
These people don’t know
How I nurture and grow

The room is so cold
No comfort is found
Nowhere to sit
Except for the ground

“Calm down” they tell me
We’ll let you out then
But how do I know
They’ll come back once again

If I’m quiet, and don’t make a sound
I’ll get out, I’ll be safe and profound
Tomorrow I will try and be good
It’s not easy, controlling my mood

If I could only express how I feel
I’m sure they’d see me, I am real
No restraints, no more rooms
See me, let me bloom

Beth Morrison, Mother

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