Poem – Connection

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I look into your eyes or respond to your touch and I hear your inner voice.
Often there is a moment of connection where I’m drawn down, down, down deep into your soul.
Into a place of understanding where knowing, being and deep wisdom stay,  waiting to be discovered, unlocked and set free.
Free to teach humanity what it is to understand, to care, to love, to take the time to listen and to learn what it is to be human.
In that moment everything around us dissolves leaving only the moment.  Sometimes it’s fleeting but it’s always amazing.
It’s hard to describe that moment.
Time stands still and in the stillness of the moment two souls connect, thankful to each other for the understanding, thankful that our lives are entwined but not entangled, thankful that we at least understand and that our power can unlock the door of understanding.
Together we step into that understanding and the power of our freedom as we journey on the path of change.

Maureen Phillip

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