About Vivienne

Vivienne Crighton

Vivienne is a naturally creative, intuitive therapist and a facilitator of Poetry Depths School and the Naked Voice.

She is passionate about creating a supportive safe space of non judgment and compassionate listening. A space of allowing and encouraging others to express and explore there creativity in their own unique fun way. Inspiring confidence and self-expression for the voice of the family carer.

Vivienne is excited and delighted to be a part of this new dynamic Creative Poetry and Art Project – Voice and Visuals and feels that it shall evolve and grow just as the tree inspired drawing at the header image of this Blog by amazing creative carer Sandra Duncan!

The written and spoken words of poetry speak from the heart as do the PAMIS family carers.

Creative art offers a simple way to offer an expression of the heart of the experience, a way of sharing visually with others.

Our Creative Poetry and Art sessions are for anyone, there is no poetry or art experience required!

Our creative sessions include the opportunity to relax – making the appointment with the self. A space to develop our creative nature as a means of self-healing and self-discovery in a positive environment. The sessions invite those who attend, tools that are great for developing increased personal wellbeing, confidence building, grounding and awareness.


  1. Vivienne amazing tutor , relaxing technics at the art and poetry is absolute amazing, opened my eyes to poetry big thanks vivienne ?xx

  2. Thank you Sandra!!! Brilliant that you are finding creative expression in art and poetry,and making an appointment with yourself to relax and explore your emotions and experience creatively.
    I love your work it is so inspiring.
    I am so honoured to be a part of the Voice and Visuals project with Pamis Creative Carers.
    Sorry I haven’t replied beforehand,just received the messages on the blog…
    with love

  3. Voice and Visuals Blog speaks to us and shows us visually the fruition of this project so far and the stunning self expression of our creative carers in a uniquely sensitive and delicate way.
    Thank you everyone who has joined us! May we continue to grow….evolve….co-create
    with love and gratitude

  4. I just like to say feeling down and stressed this morning went to art poetry session vivienne was great its not all about poetry and art ,vivienne does relaxation, tecnics to say as a carer i find this benefical, tonight i feel totally chilled? if other carers can find some time to join myself and caroline at the sessions im sure you will benefit from relaxation and being creative, big thanks to vivienne xx

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