Facilitators Needed!

Tayberry Tales are looking for facilitators to work alongside people with learning disabilities who are taking part on the Accredited Sensory Storytelling Apprenticeship Scheme.  Facilitators work alongside the apprentice storyteller giving them support and getting to know them not only when they are on their course but on completion when they go out in the community to tell their stories. Please contact PAMIS if you are interested.apprenticeship-scheme-1


































“When a story is told it is not forgotten.  It becomes something else.  The memory of who we were, the hope of what we can become.”

Storytelling Festival

Well that’s the end of the storytelling festival and what a great festival it was with our community of storytellers. They were  demonstrating their multi sensory storytelling skills and last Friday saw them present  a multi sensory story workshop, and receive their certificates for completion of their five week introduction to storytelling. They now begin their placements for their two year apprenticeship.








The Maiden who rose from the Waves

Claire and Anna Marie from Finland were telling their beautiful tale in a stunning performance that created magic and the blending of the Finnish and English language. They  wove a memorable story that held the audience spellbound . Claire and Anna Marie have told the story before in Finland but this was their first telling in Scotland. They told it in Perthshire, Edinburgh and Dundee.the-maiden-who-rose-from-the-waves the-maiden-who-rose-from-the-waves1








Great to be a part of the Storytelling festival and looking forward to the coming months and seeing how Tayberry Tales develops.


Introduction and Welcome


Here at PAMIS we are passionate about storytelling and there are lots of exciting story projects happening.  This blog has been created to help keep you all updated on all things story related at PAMIS.  The benefits of storytelling are well known and at PAMIS we explore personal stories, stories from the oral storytelling tradition, sensitive stories and many more.  Stories are a fun way to learn so whether you want to explore personal narrative or play around with folktales, fairy tales or myths and legends, multi –sensory stories are a wonderful and fun way to engage with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Here you will be able to follow our journey as we explore, develop and design stories that will capture your imagination, engage your creative spirit and ignite your curiosity.

Hope you enjoy the PAMIS story journey!