A story from the Staff at Lilybank Resource Centre, Forfar

The World Tae Me!!! by Fiona

I’d like to read this story, it’s all to do with me.
It tells you all about my job, and what it means to me.


img_1738_fotorWith cloot in hand, and pinny on, am ready to begin
To give the place a good auld dicht ̵ ’til it’s shining like a pin.

Then on the bus I do jump, ready to collect.
It’s a brand new day beginning, lets mak sure abody’s needs are met ―

Coz fae swimming tae the baking, and gardening, and aw that art ―
There’s something that’s even closer, and it comes straight fae my heart!


img_1739_fotorThere’s nothing like a guid auld story tae express just how we feel,
To see abody’s smiley faces, maks athing just so real.

The confidence has grown in each and every one, and abody
Likes to tak their turn and join in aw the fun.Our stories are very creative and the props we all decide,
But nothing taks awa the friendship, coz that is here to bide.

Stories can be therapeutic and mak us feel good inside, and
Coz we like to tell them, it fills us with great pride.

They often mak us hae a greet, and bring tears of happiness too ―
And sometimes we can just be so damn silly – ye dinnae hae a clue!!


But for me, my confidence has grown ―
And satisfaction beyond compare.If it wasnae for all you service users
And aw the things we share.So for each and every one of you who frequent Lilybankimg_1740_fotor
I canne say much mair than “Av got you to thank”

So storytelling for me is a passion, you’ll quite agree!
I get so much tae it… and it means

“The World Tae Me!!!”

Angus apprentices

Last week saw the Angus multi-sensory story apprentices begin their five week course and they are a talented group who are diverse and amazing in their talents. They are coming to Dundee every week and are enjoying their time at the university.

Week two saw them exploring landscape and Anne took them through some fun  exercises that brought the landscapes they created to life.  Ebbi and Graeme from Dundee storytellers joined us for the training session.

Will keep you  up to date with their progress.group

Completion of course!

The first Tayberry multi- sensory storytelling apprentices have undertaken and very successfully completed their introductory course and are now practicing the skills they learned in preparation for their placements after the October holidays.


Well done to all who successfully completed the course and wishing them good luck in their placements over the coming year. Certificates will be awarded on October the 28th at a special event where the storytellers will demonstrate their skills.

Come along to the drama room, Dalhousie building, University of Dundee, 12.00-14.00 and have a light lunch and learnt a bit about multi-sensory storytelling and hear the Tayberry storytellers tell some tales.

Latest news

Storytelling activity at Pamis has been zipping along at a great pace over the last few weeks. Claire and Maureen have been busy worming on the final stages of the resource being developed in memory of Loretto. Claire is busy putting the final touches to her beautiful paintings for our book, she has been meeting with Genie to plan the layout of the book. The creel has been woven and the boxes planned. We had our final story sharing at Corbenic where we invited Tayberry apprentices along to hear the the final story in the three stories we have chosen for the memory resource.

img_8188resized img_8201resizedimg_8183resized





It was a beautiful day and Ross took the opportunity to play his bagpipes.










Friendships were forged and songs and stories shared in this beautiful  setting at Dunkeld.  The Corbenic community have also been involved in making some of the resources for the stories in Loretto’s storybox and Monica from  the craft workshop joined our story sharing session to hear the story she had developed some items for.


Tayberry Tales Training

Tayberry Tales Apprentice Multi-sensory storytelling course is now in its third week and everyone is having fun learning about storytelling. The apprentices are amazing and have learned valuable storytelling skills, learned about the senses, and made multi-sensory stories.  It is fantastic to see the unlocking of the potential of the apprentices and they have embraced the work and are growing confident in their delivery of stories and in their understanding of multi-sensory stories. Everyone is looking forward to visiting Corbenic on the 9th of September where the apprentices can share their work and make new connections.

Story umbrellas made by the apprentices

Story umbrellas made by the apprentices

The apprentices learning about the senses

The apprentices learning about the senses

Having fun creating character

Sharing Loretto’s new stories

On the 19th of  May we travelled to Lilybank Adult Resource Centre in Forfar,  where we shared the two stories that we have developed for Loretto’s story box. This was another great day and again we shared the stories  and songs with everyone there.  This time Graeme from Tayberry storytellers joined us and treated everyone to a fantastic telling of Rashie Coat.

Lilybank and storytellers

Lilybank and storytellers

Graham telling the story

Graham telling the story

Loretto’s story box

The 6th May saw us returning to Corbenic to share music and stories to celebrate the completion of writing the second story, which is a Selkie story, for Loretto’s story box. We had a great day listening to Claire tell the story and play the harp. Tayberry multi-sensory storyteller apprentice  Channing also shared a story with the group. The sun shone and we had great fun building our storytelling community. We also visited Monica in the craft room to discuss the stimuli we need for the story and look forward to seeing the items that are being made at Corbenic.

Channing telling a story

Channing telling a story


Tayberry Enterprise and multi-sensory storytelling

Then we have the Tayberry Enterprise accredited sensory storytelling apprenticeship scheme, which has attracted funding through The Keys to Life Development Fund. We are pleased to be working with Tayberry Enterprise to help train their storytellers in techniques that will help them share and tell multi-sensory stories to a variety of audiences. As part of this project we all spent a beautiful day at Corbenic near Dunkeld and shared stories and song in a wonderful story and music sharing and training day.  The project will be coming to other areas of Scotland soon, for further information please contact Anne Everett-Ogston, Project co-ordinator at: AEverett-Ogston@tayberryenterprise.org www.tayberryenterprise.org. The three storytellers already undertaking this apprenticeship are coming with us on our journey with the development of our Irish multi-sensory stories.


Tayberry Enterprise Storytellers at Corbenic

Tayberry Enterprise Storytellers at Corbenic

On Monday March 21,  Jason and Channing, the multi-sensory storytellers from Tayberry Enterprise continued their voice coaching at PAMIS with Joanna. This was followed by a training session from Claire and a sharing of our Sligo story trip with the storytellers, visiting students and staff, from Lilybank Resource Centre in Forfar. This training day was held in preparation for a future visit to Lilybank in a few months time by the Tayberry storytellers.

Training at PAMIS

Training at PAMIS