Tales from Ireland

Loretto Lambe

Loretto Lambe

Our first journey takes us to Ireland, in memory of PAMIS founder Loretto Lambe who was Irish and passionate about multi–sensory stories and people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their families. Baily Thomas Charitable Fund and Soutar Charitable Trust has awarded PAMIS funding to develop a story resource for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities in memory of Loretto. The story box will be an additional resource for the PAMIS library and will consist of three beautifully crafted Irish multi-sensory stories from the oral storytelling tradition. The resource will include music and natural sounds from the Irish landscape. We will be working with the Corbenic community at Dunkeld to craft the stimuli and story box for the stories. Maureen and storyteller Claire Hewitt are already working together to produce this resource. Work has already began on the first story and PAMIS are sharing the development of these stories with other budding local storytellers who are interested in the process.

3 thoughts on “Tales from Ireland

  1. Hi Maureen,

    I have been wondering and keep forgetting to ask if the Irish shamrock is playing a part (however small) in Loretto’s ” Tales from Ireland”?

    • Hi Caroline in the Tramp and the Fairy Boots there is a role for the Irish Shamrock but would welcome your thoughts on this in relation to whether you think there should be a role in all three stories ?

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